“The infirmary, the blue room. […] You understand Simon’s space is very cold. Simon, I always kept in blues and purples in a very Alliance color scheme. Because unlike Mal, with whom he’s always conflicting, he does sort of represent the Alliance, even though he’s on the run from it. He represents, you know, a kind of perfectly handsome, brilliant, well-meaning person, the thing that the Alliance is supposed to be about.”
                                                               —Joss Whedon, Serenity director’s commentary


Lacuna coil

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The 12 Common Archetypes - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Little Sir Hugh

Steeleye Span - Commoner's Crown

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STEELEYE SPAN, “Little Sir Hugh”


Gustav Klimt - The Death of Romeo and Juliet. Performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London. (1884-87)


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"Ian McKellen and Alan Rickman on location at the Budapest Opera House"

Alan Rickman is a diligent and generous man. Five minutes after I reached St Petersburg, he phoned up to my hotel room to invite me to meet colleagues over dinner, although he had been filming all the long day and might well have rested alone with room service. He did the same with all the actors arriving from the UK to start work abroad. It’s not just that Alan is gregarious; rather that he wants the actors to work as a team and whenever there was a need for a leader, he was there to play that part as well as to play Rasputin. On the set it was the same; he was always alert to other people’s worries and supported them. Such tone-setting behaviour is not usual from leading actors, nor is it a contractual requirement.

Watching him at close quarters was instructive. Once I feel I have played a scene as best I can, I long for the moment when the director accepts my efforts and moves on to the next. Alan’s special quest for perfection shames me somewhat. He never wants to move on until he has done better than his best. As Rasputin his acting style is broad yet precise, outlandish yet subtle and is properly at the centre of the spectacular architecture and crowd scenes which might otherwise have stolen the show. His awards were well-deserved.

- Ian McKellen


My stars and sun, moon of my life.
I used some Xena the warrior princess pic as ref


The White Queen